Location, location, location. From breakfast options, to time spent in transit, your trip is defined by where you stay. Come with us on a quick tour of a few of our favorite hostels across Tokyo.

Bunka Hostel, Asakusa, Tokyo

Starting with our northern most hostel, the Bunka Hostel Tokyo offers an Izakaya style (Japanese bar-food) menu, and the sake to go with it. A two minute walk to Asakusa’s Senso-ji temple, and a thirty minute walk to many of the most well known museums in Tokyo, you can walk your way through your itinerary.


Continuing on our journey south, the Nui Hostel and Bar Lounge offers a variety of accommodations. From business people and backpackers, to Japanese locals, the cross section of guests you will meet is varied and stimulating. Only four minutes from two train lines, getting around has never been easier. One block from the Sumida River, you can start your day right with a morning stroll along the river.


The IRORI hostel and Kitchen touts a share kitchen with fresh food and refreshing beverages. Learn about Japanese culture, and connect to other travelers, through food. A three minute walk to the train, and a twenty minute walk to Akihabara (Electric Town). This location is a great combination of community, and accessibility.


Kaisu was originally a Ryotei, an old style restaurant where geisha performed regularly. Today, it is a hostel located in the heart of Tokyo; a 15 minute train ride to anywhere. At the end of the day, come back to the meals from local ingredients and hand crafted cocktails.


Zabutton has playful and welcoming dorm style, and private rooms. Conveniently located across the street from a train station, and a thirty minute walk from the Hamarikyu gardens and Tsukiji Fish Market. Starting at 5AM, the fish market opens with a tuna auction. The neighboring Hamarikyu gardens are beautiful and have a tea house, try the traditional Japanese tea and sweets!

ON THE MARKS, is a destination location. Hosting parties, lectures, and exercise events, your only issue will be figuring out how to do everything. They even have a lounge, complete with analog records and a curated music selection.